Skinny Wave/ Lin Zhipeng

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Known for his energetic, playful photographs of careless yet burdened youth, Chinese photographer Lin Zhipeng (also known under his alias No.223) reveals a more personal and pensive side of his work in “Skinny Wave.” Composed of seemingly inconsequential photographs organized in many overlapping foldouts, Lin Zhipeng creates a rich and layered work from flowers, plants, humans shot in strange poses and unusual angles, and nighttime shots of structures, buildings, birds and bodies.

“[Lin Zhipeng] puts his personal perspective into these seemingly trivial pictures to the greatest extent—even more than when shooting body and youth themes. He is constantly attracted by the fresh corners he encounters by chance, and gets the motivation to shoot.”
― from the publisher’s description

Book Size255 × 170 mm

Pages254 pages


Publication Year2023

Limited Edition700