Reborn - Lahei

Reborn - Lahei

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Born in 1984 in Jiangxi Province, Lahei graduated from Chinese Department of Fudan University in 2008. He currently lives in Hangzhou as an artist.

Lahei is the Hakka from the southern mountain area of Jiangxi Province. After studying and living in Shanghai for more than ten years, he finally settled in Hangzhou. As a photographer, Lahem has been creating works with his hometown as the theme against the background of Hakka migration since 2007, and taking himself as a case to discuss the identity of new immigrants. Luo Fuping“ is the third work in the Hometown series. In this work, he tries to face his innermost memory about the village and death, and to re-understand the potential influence of memory in individual shaping. In the end, he recognizes Luo Fuping as an integral part of Lahem.

This book is published by the artist in June 2019.


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