Feng Li - Good Night

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When working with Feng Li on white night in 2017, he came to the fake magazine with a large number of photos. We were immediately strongly impacted by his color photos, so we gave up the black-and-white photos. But he said that these photos are the origin of "white night", which originated from a lighting feast in the suburbs of Chengdu in 2005. The advent of white night opened a window for him, "so is the world" - a vague state full of uncertainty. From that moment on, he always maintained an instinctive and direct way of watching and shooting in the white night. Despite the different colors, the images in good night are still viewed by Feng vertically. Feng Li's definition of these photos is monochrome, not black-and-white photos in the traditional sense. In his eyes, black is also a color. Black is also a kind of "heavy" color, just to say goodbye to some good times. Reading Feng Li requires almost no words. The only thing you need to do is stare at his photos.

Edition of 1000

Size: 150 x 225 x 25mm

Pages: 352

Number of pictures: 187

Publication: Jia Zazhi

Year: 2022

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