Chinese Modern and Contemporsary Poetry - Talk-series by Chun Sue

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Throughout September, Chun Shu will host a series of five talks on the topic of Chinse Modern and Contemporary Poetry. By doing so, we aim to bring back the beauty of the Chinese Language and to help our audience establish firm confidence in their writing.

From the rise of vernacular in the May 4th movement, to the reform and opening up, and finally to the Internet era in the new century, the history of Chinese contemporary poetry stretches across more than a century. Therefore, most of the reader knowledge is still very limited. Even though there is an emerging audience for Chinese contemporary poetry, for most people it still appears to be like a magical, mysterious mirror.

As enthusiasts and fans of poetry, and as authors of poetry, we have the necessary comprehension of the process of development of Chinese contemporary poetry, as well as an expertise knowledge on famous poets and their works. Through this course, we aim to make the audience understand the history and overall context of Chinese poetry and literature, and to help you overcome the barriers of writing. While the thought of writing poetry might evoke fear in many, we will try to turn that fear into love.