Migrant Bird Space is a Berlin- & Beijing-based art foundation and gallery, providing a showcase for artists as well as art-agency services in China and Europe. Working out of the gallery space at Koppenplatz in the heart of Berlin, the foundation offers a professional platform for cross-cultural communication between China and Europe with a focus on contemporary Chinese art. Promoting both established and emerging artists, Migrant Birds provides gallery spaces for exhibitions in Beijing, Berlin and Shenzhen, an artist-in-residence program, regular talks and lectures, as well as support in liaising with museums, universities, private institutions and more.

候鸟空间是一家位于柏林和北京的艺术基金会和画廊机构,致力于推动中国及欧洲新锐艺术家的展览项目,为国际艺术市场提供最新、最前卫、最活跃的内容。柏林市中心的Koppenplatz的候鸟空间画廊 ,专注于中国当代艺术,为中国和欧洲之间的跨文化交流提供专业平台。 候鸟空间积极促进现有和新兴艺术家,为北京和柏林的艺术家提供展示空间及驻留项目,定期举办讲座,与博物馆,大学,私人机构等保有良好的联系与支持。

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Koppenplatz 5, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49-30-49952524 

Tue—Sat, 1—6 pm and by appointment